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What is it about some number of us? So talented? Well educated? Eclectic? Well read? What makes us choose to be cabbies and maintenance men, and dishwashers, and janitors? I have often wondered what is the common thread in those of us who fit that description.

I am a 49 year old maintenance man who wants to write for a living. My first novel, “Catskinner’s Book” is now available on Amazon, and I am working on a sequel.

“What Terrifies Me” was written as part of a writer’s challenge on LiveJournal about five years ago. It is a personal essay, I guess you’d call it.

Misha Burnett

Website: http://mishaburnett.wordpress.com/about

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Odes and Sonnets are…

…related in a way I just discovered.  Regarding these two, the first is a reflection of an ode to S.T.C. (of Ancient Mariner fame)  Which is written in iambic heptameter in ten couplets, or five quatrains, if you prefer (and incidentally, the way it was originally written.)  This ode will you find down below within the grey box. Continue reading