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What is it about some number of us? So talented? Well educated? Eclectic? Well read? What makes us choose to be cabbies and maintenance men, and dishwashers, and janitors? I have often wondered what is the common thread in those of us who fit that description.

I am a 49 year old maintenance man who wants to write for a living. My first novel, “Catskinner’s Book” is now available on Amazon, and I am working on a sequel.

“What Terrifies Me” was written as part of a writer’s challenge on LiveJournal about five years ago. It is a personal essay, I guess you’d call it.

Misha Burnett

Website: http://mishaburnett.wordpress.com/about

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  1. My guess is that some of your choice in what you do in your day job has to do with having enough time by yourself to think of what you’re doing with the rest of your life – whether it be writing or solving the unified field theory . Also, it is mostly self-directed work. Good work. Work where you can see results as you go along.

    You associate with who you wish and that doesn’t need to mush over into your work as it must in an office situation. If you are not sociable enough in an office, you might as well stab yourself with a letter opener and throw yourself down the mail chute before your fellow workers do it for you. No time to think of your writing in your spare moments there!

    I read Mr. Burnetts first book, “Catskinner’s Book”. I enjoyed it. It was very creative. Kept me guessing, that’s for sure.


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