While penning another sonnet…

…I began to despair.  But not due to the subject matter therein contained.


It was something about the manner in which I must remain at electronic arm’s length from those to whom I have grown electronically close.

Closeness and separation are not only relative in this strange world of ours, but now have become virtualised as well.  How far is one blog entry from another?  How far is a comment from a post?

How far?

My sweetheart…

…left me the most beautiful thing on my Xerex sequence. I really thought it the fitting and most perfect end and answer to the thing. So beautiful. So now the sequence has seven sonnets. It sounds to me together like wedding bells and wedding vows and honeymoons and love everlasting.

And … what am I to do now with the order of things. Should I move the whole Xerex sequence–all seven brothers–up to the front to be with its sister? Something along those lines will have to be done, I think.