Writing about the beauty of the human form…

…is a very enjoyable pursuit. I do quite a lot of it, however not so much in sonnet form. I’ve endeavored to rectify that with this mornings offering.


This morning’s offering…

(seen here) will probably be lucased to a greater or lesser degree (but more likely, greater) for a week or so. The constraints on it were a bit of a challenge; therefore, a word or two (or three) will–or, at least, might–continue to change every so often; as I stated, probably for a week–maybe more.

It was inspired by this post, and by a discussion on and around it, among other things.

This one has a different rhymescheme, also: abba abbab cdcdc. The extra “b” rhyme seemed appropriate considering the offering as a whole.

Today’s sonnet was written in a different way–much different than the way in which I usually write.

1) The subject was chosen in advance.
2) The first letters of each line spell something.
3) There is a slightly unorthodox rhymescheme–modified Italian.
4) Both these starting letters and the ending rhyme words were chosen in advance, not completely at random, but not especially carefully either. I picked rhyming classes from among well known groups of words, and I avoided words that had a “silly” character, and/or a character which was, out of character, so to speak, for the piece.
5) Only after all these elements were in place did I get down to composing the piece.

I did enjoy that process very much, and it kept me from writing something that was too concrete sounding–less like a scientist and more like and artist, I suppose one might say.