‘Follow’ and ‘like’ seem as though they might be…

…pointless, if one doesn’t actually like or follow a blog.  All this is about creating a network in hopes that some real follows and likes will occur.  I see that that is the way it works.  I see the need to do it.  On the other hand, I feel compelled to at least have a look before I follow.  And I can’t bring myself to click ‘like’ unless I actually see something I like; and, in that event, I usually will comment also.  I suppose one might call that doing it ‘the old fashioned way.’

Really, it is a compromise, because I am generally going to follow someone’s blog, unless its content strikes me as unusually offensive, especially wrongheaded, or, especially ugly or repulsive.   That doesn’t happen often, however when i get a follow from someone and their site immediately hits me with massive amounts of ugly right off the platform, then I can’t see my way clear to clicking ‘like,’ or ‘follow;’ and, of course, there is no ‘wipe this hideousness from the face of the Earth,’ button.

There was a Java update…

…I wonder if quickpost will deign to work again.

No, it would appear not yet.  I had to use “popout” for this to post….

The post interface that comes from the drop down menu of the “W” in the upper left hand corner of the screen, does not appear to be working either.

So far, the main posting interface is the only one that works consistently.

I think it would make sense…

…if I were to make the Xerex original link up with the sections in the sonnet sequence whereunto they correspond.  I think that will be for tomorrow, when I reverse the order of the sequence.  Tonight is for sleeping, I think.

This next of today is a sonnet based, once again, upon an older work, not in sonnet form.   Though not freeverse, it felt itself sanguine to adaptation.

Xerex, Coda: Here…

…will you find the first version as it had been penned originally so many decades ago.  The dotted lines have been added to indicate whence the sonnets come:

O, my sweetest love,
Share thou with me
The sweet Xerex

Which I do proclaim
As the nectar which
Returneth me to

Thee, my sweetest love.
Quiet my restless mind
With the still, sweet

Grape which is the
Blood of lovers and
Of conquerers.
Such is the stuff
That would quiet my
Mind and my heart

For thee, and ease
Thy pain easily
With a pure flavor,

And with little regret
From thyne Angels’ heart.
Remember thou, my love

That even in this
Earth there art

Those elements which
Heal in their right
Remember thou, my sweetest
Love, that many
Forms Are yielded

Up by the Fickle
Grape: The subjective
Grape yields

Up poison and
Medicine for the
As Baudelaire, my
Father, my twin,
My dearest

Poet knew this drink was
Fine; so shall I
Proclaim: My sweetest

Love, As my
Devoted, As my
Servant, As my

Slave; bring thou
Me of the sweetest Xerex
Grape and I

Shall become returned
To that which
Thou most admireth.
But, that thou shouldst
Know:  Once I have To
thine arms return’d

Thou shalt be my
Wine and my
Thou shalt be
Mine Angel–superior
To all the grape is

Able to be.
I shall thenceforth
Drink of thee,

My love and I
Should never again want
For wine.

Much has in me been yielded up by that fine grape so many long years ago.