‘Follow’ and ‘like’ seem as though they might be…

…pointless, if one doesn’t actually like or follow a blog.  All this is about creating a network in hopes that some real follows and likes will occur.  I see that that is the way it works.  I see the need to do it.  On the other hand, I feel compelled to at least have a look before I follow.  And I can’t bring myself to click ‘like’ unless I actually see something I like; and, in that event, I usually will comment also.  I suppose one might call that doing it ‘the old fashioned way.’

Really, it is a compromise, because I am generally going to follow someone’s blog, unless its content strikes me as unusually offensive, especially wrongheaded, or, especially ugly or repulsive.   That doesn’t happen often, however when i get a follow from someone and their site immediately hits me with massive amounts of ugly right off the platform, then I can’t see my way clear to clicking ‘like,’ or ‘follow;’ and, of course, there is no ‘wipe this hideousness from the face of the Earth,’ button.

Insults Make Me Happy:

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