Imagine that:

Thirty-four beats for my haiku fetishist ways.    Exactly  Perfect!

I could not think of a better introduction to today’s sonnet.  Attributed to George Orwell,  Rudyard Kipling, or Winston Churchill.  But in truth, it seems this gem was uttered by the great Winston Churchill.

The sonnet that follows, is from a discussion that I had with a good friend–one of those rough men who stand ready to protect us all.  He’s made a promise, unlike any other job, that he cannot break.

No one likes being followed…

…so why is it a supposed to be a good thing on the net?  The give and take, the back and forth, the suck; it takes over your soul.  I don’t mind the whole idea as much as I used to, but….

I just don’t feel like playing along.  I have a Facebook wall, and a Twitter page, and I have never been to either one, except to sign up.  It’s just something you’re supposed to do–auto posting to Twitter and Facebook and whatever else.

The fact is, Continue reading