A very old sequence I had forgotten about:

This is a sequence of four.  I’m putting it up and finishing the final sonnet which I had left about half written.  These, I’m putting in the queue immediately following my next new sonnet.   A few words changed/corrected.  But mostly as they were.  And of course, number four finished, though I’m not sure if finished seamlessly.  Now that they are flipped, here is a link to Sonnet 1.

Clearly, by early 1984 I had already been experimenting with internal rhyming.  My tradition, if you can call it that, once it was established, was to at least rhyme sentences or clauses which had a sense of a mid-line full stop.  I have liked, and continued, that practice in general, from then on.  Now, I feel compelled to do it, or else it feels as though something is missing.