I’m the last person…

…that should be in public life.  So why on Earth have I even considered a project like this?

Oh well.  No matter.

The pop up, or rather pop down post editor still won’t work, until I pop it out.  Not that I’d use it all that much, but I do like it for short posts, particularly on this side of the blog.

I believe it has something to do with the first time I created this set of blogs, I changed my username to something less whimsical than it was before.

I haven’t figured out if there’s a helpdesk that can address this issue but this phenomenon occurs regardless of what computer I use or what browser I use on whatever computer.

So, because permalinks…

…aren’t permanent, I’ve taken to using search engine strings instead.  Which actually will find the entry in question no matter to where I may move it.  The problem arises, when I reverse the order of a sequence and there are other blog entries that link to these entries as they were before.

These search engine links are not quite like a good permalink.  The search page leaves the entries unformulated, but one needs only click the title of the post to get the properly formatted one.  In the version of word press that I’m using, I’m afraid that was the only workaround I could come up with.

Our corrupt masters…

…are tasked to corrupt us; I think, so we will become like them. In only a hundred years, we have forgotten how different we are from all other peoples in all other countries of the world. Even now, we are not completely corrupted. Even now, our spirit is not entirely broken. We are different. Each of us. In some ways, all of us. Even those who seek to destroy us, are still like us, and can’t stop being one of us. Individual, yet also one among us.

Others may come here, and become this thing we are. But anywhere we go we can never become of that place. Instead, we produce, in all those around us, a microcosm of who and what we are.