Also… a note on punctuation regarding…

…sonnets. My personal philosophy with punctuating poetry, in general is: “The more the merrier.” In prose, such punctuation would be distracting, although it is also useful in prose, and for the same reason; that being performance. Extra punctuation can be very helpful to the performer–even in prose wherein such punctuation would be distracting if one were reading to oneself. It is particularly useful in poetry. Continue reading

Funny how obvious…

…can be a grammatical mistake when it was not so very obvious before. I can’t tell you how many times I went over this one. Granted it is a long, long sentence, but one has only to think about it systematically to realize it was punctuated in a not quite proper way, and also, that one word needed to be changed in order for it to be grammatically correct. That particular sonnet is really one long question. As such all its concomitant clauses have to be arrayed correctly.

I really do think I have it now. This project, in general has made me a much better grammarian, as well as a better speller–although, as with many public school, whole language, victims, my spelling still leaves much to be improved upon.

The latest one…

here, I began with some notes a few weeks ago:

First one word then two…..
The pressure of an eon, can it bring……

Form Creates pressure. pressure creates diamonds.
Form limits, but limits create pressure.

and pressure creates good stuff.
Particularly with sonnets:

You are forced to get a better education
simply by the act of writing them.

And next the blankverse:

At first one word then two like rivulets
That wear away a mountain. Time itself–
The pressure of an eon–it can bring
Perfection. Though it presses down. Transforms

Itself in ways of mystery. It’s form
Creates such pressure. On so commonplace
A thing as coal, transformative, creates
A diamond fine and rare. And so with words,

A form may limit, but unlimited
Can be the pressure it exerts upon
So commonplace a thing as these I write.
As such, the queen of all Poetic forms,
Wherein her pressure, educating me
And opens up my mind to all her grace.

And then, the final version, with all its rhyming structure and additional restrictions as I so enjoy.