Sonnet II: The Devoted

So fine are ye who hold the line unsung
By any but those proud few men who know–
By virtue of their own devotion; though
They boast not how they crossed an ocean; young;

An age at which so few would broach, among
Themselves, such grave and worldly things; who show
The world, by deeds, that matters which bestow
Such life! such death! affairs of kings! who slung,

So rife with breath, together, tales told
And sung, and written down, with reverence;
Who know the price which, sometimes, must be paid;
Who, though as any, fear malevolence,
Dare throw down tyrants, numbering untold;
Who pay with blood–the sum that freedom weighed.

This sonnet is part of a short sequence; click here to read it all:


17 responses to “Sonnet II: The Devoted

    • Thank you Toni; few will comment on these more serious offerings. I am am nearly as pleased that you chose to as by the nature of the comment you chose to offer. This is a series of 8 sonnets which will post in the days ahead. They become successively… ah… less likely to be commented upon. Although as you will see, one never knows.

      Tonight’s (#2) is taken directly from a conversation I had with our very own combat engineer–last year some time, I think it was.


    • I have found that my serious or “religious” posts often do not get comments or likes, which is okay. I figure those who like or comment are spoken to in a special way and I appreciate that.

      I hope you will read the post about the Inner Peace Award. I know how you feel about awards, but because of your own combat engineer and his stories, you may find something in this post about this award, accepted in the name of my Papa.

      With so much going on in the world around us, I think people shy away from “serious” posts because they want and need to feel an escape. That is fine. I certainly can relate. But I also feel that we need to get in touch with this sort of thing as we are able – to recognize true sacrifice, devotion, love….greater love has no person than that person who lay down their life for another.


    • I do understand why people are reticent. I do find myself clicking “like” on some things I most definitely do not like; however as I generally do not look too closely, I am fine with this. There are several types of sites I will not follow once they come to my attention, however I am not especially vigilant in this.

      I will search out the post you reference above.

      I very much enjoyed hearing about your father.


    • And I am too much of coward sometimes to stop following – LOL or maybe I am too polite or something. One of the folks who read about the Inner Peace Award responded and I found out by checking out his site that he was one of the Code Talkers! How interesting is that? His site is a lot of WWII history which is interesting. My father was at Remagen as well so when I have a few minutes, I’m going to search his site to see what he has on that. I’m fine as well with clicking Like on many things I don’t look at too closely because basically it’s harmless drivel. But that guy I wish I would get up the nerve to unfollow…yowzer.


    • I see : ) Well I thought you meant the old soldier? or is he one and the same? In any case, I certainly can understand both your feelings. Still, no problem hitting unfollow. Thing is… No one can tell when you hit unfollow, so it is not as though you would be offending someone who, for example you like some things about, or have chatted with, and yet cannot abide in some other way. People are only alerted when they are followed, I believe. At least I have never received any unfollow notices. only in the reader under “likes” and such, do I see I may follow, and under follows, it only will say, so and so is following your blog, &c.

      In any case, I have faith that most people are nice, and even well intentioned, regardless of how bizarre their opinions or ideas might be.

      No worries unfollowing anyone though. I don’t pay much attention to my wordpress emails, however I do not believe I receive emails when someone unfollows; only when someone follows.

      Perhaps that will help.


    • It does help. No, not the old soldier. His site is way too interesting historically. And I do like history. No, this is a young erratic woman, amazingly enough. I’ll hit unfollow today – that will take about 20 posts a day from that site.

      I’m not much on joining either. I think I read too much Thoreau at an early age (11) to want to blend in with groups, although I do often put up my shields and cloak my battle cruiser on occassion. :-)


    • I can relate, although at some events wherein I am forced to blend in…. Hmmm…. how should I put this? …

      Well, let us say that a cloaking device is not enough. I feel a need to pass out red shirts. It saves me a bundle on phasers and photon torpedoes.


    • And there is nothing cowardly about not wanting to offend someone or hurt their feelings by slighting them in some way. Even so, I do not hesitate to unfollow someone under such circumstances. Much depends upon my mood, however. Most of the time, I feel rather ambivalent about such things. There are exceptions, however, such as I mentioned; I do not follow aggregation or magazine sites, or any organised or group site, or magazine portal which purports to be about writing, and especially not those involving poetry. My reasons for this are complicated but are related somewhat to my stance on rings, groups, and awards.

      The only active membership I maintain, for example, is my wordpress association. I do not join or participate in any other group activity. And any contact I have with others is strictly on an individual basis and does not involve any other arbitrary grouping. Although I do feel a very deep regret at times when I have to decline such invitations.

      This is similar to my stance as a living sentient being, wherein I claim membership in the human race but not any other race or group or clan (other than, perhaps my immediate family.) Human is quite enough grouping or belonging for me, just as wordpress is sufficient association-wise.


  1. Dear David, I couldn’t resist telling you that I not only like reading your sonnets, but also love reading your comments. ;) I love the way you share your thoughts and your always use honest and true words and that’s exactly what I like about you. And I also want you to know that when I like one of your posts, It’s because there’s always a part that touched me, so they are always well deserved likes, o.k.? ;) Wishing you a wonderful and blessed evening!!


    • Thank you for you sweet, kind, and generous words. I cannot express how touched I am by such thoughtful assurances and well wishes as yours. Although I have, of late, been remiss in my answers, I felt I must not fail to respond to such words, so very touching.

      Again my thanks, and my wish that you should receive as many blessings as you so generously share–and more.


  2. The comments are a great place to find wonderful bits of information to follow.

    I hope you will read the post about the Inner Peace Award. I know how you feel about awards, but because of your own combat engineer and his stories, you may find something in this post about this award, accepted in the name of my Papa.

    I will be following up in this reading suggestion soon. My dear Mr. Emeron has also mentioned that there is a new Samurai and the Wren offering up. I will be enjoying some quality time at KanzenSakura’s site soon!! Thank you!

    (prayers for your safety in the frozen southern storm)


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