No one likes being followed…

On the other hand…

…perhaps there is no need to take that view.  After all, are we not the master of our own time?  Do we not decide what to do next or what we would rather do?  Do we not make such decisions as these every second?

You follow; I follow; what does it matter?  Following takes little time.  We can decide to read in depth when we have spare time, or when we are listless.

My sweetheart of over 40 years tells me that I am compelled to be too honest and forthcoming when a more simple e3xplanation will do.  Ask me what time it is, and, as the the saying goes, I’m likely to explain how a watch is built.

Still, I must work these time management issues out for myself, and in my own way.  There are ways in which these things are done.  Ways with which most people are quite familiar.  Ways which are second nature to most, but wherewith I am only recently acquainted.

I’ll get it all down at some point.

Insults Make Me Happy:

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