Such things sometimes appear synergistically in…

…ways quite mysterious.  Today’s sonnet, and it’s companion are written in response or reflection to this post.  These few offhand words by Lady Day struck me a certain way–sparked, one might say a memory.  Regarding the nature of love, and work, and how, so very often, hard work is the very way, particularly among men, in […]

Regarding Xerex, I did, indeed…

…let an older sonnet drop down onto September 23. I didn’t truly need to, but otherwise, I would have posted “today’s” entry at maybe 8:00 pm. I think I prefer it this way though, because now I may think about the subsequent elements of the sequence. I’m posting this entry in real time but the […]

Sonnet III: Absence

Remember thou, my sweetest love, that grape Made manifest alloweth many forms: A quick but fleeting ichorous escape; A spirit with incalescence that warms. The grape may yield up poison that would kill, A draught that might embolden ones appeal, A sedative to blight one of his skill, Or potion, pray, infirmity, may heal. Remember […]

Sonnet II: To Ease thy Longing

The way of this elixir is its balm, So gentle; that, with artistry, would’ see My mind and heart, my very soul, becalm; As well it would, my sweetest love, for thee. So gently should it wash away thy pain, This gift of purest flavour doth recall, As though it, soothing as a favoured rain, […]

Sonnet I: Nectar

If thou, my sweetest love, if thou, with me, Wouldst share the sweet Xerex, that sweetest grape, That loveliest of nectars, which may shape One’s very soul, its very contours free; That selfsame nectar I proclaim to be The fabric, flowing as a fluid cape, Which ribbons, over all creation drape, Returneth me, my sweetest […]