Today’s offering is of a variety…

…I may have mentioned earlier, wherein one writes down the rhyming words in the order in which they will appear, with no idea of the subject.  The requirement I set myself was that these words must not be rearranged, but must be left as they are.

I,  in italics, the original words, so that, more easily,  that which, around them, may be seen to have been written, have left. (I’m not entirely certain why I have just written the previous sentence using German word order.) (For those for which the previous sentence caused a “stack overflow error:’  I have left the original words in italics, so that the way in which the words have been written around them, may be seen more easily.  OR:  I put italics on the original words so you can see how I added the rest of the words.)

This has been a capital way to compose a sonnet!  Much easier than the one in which I compose the blankverse first and then add the rhymes.  Mind, my usual method is just to start at the beginning and write; however, this method tempts me because it really does take less time.