Waterfall | Björn Rudbergs writings:

Visiting Bjorn’s page I wrote the following as part of a comment.  There is something simple and rather stark and minimal, that I find myself liking, for some reason.

as i slept

by a veranda

open to the sea

on a cool night

just right

to let

the wind

and moonlight

and the stars

blow quietly

past me

as i slept

via Waterfall | Björn Rudbergs writings.
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Something old, something new…

While I meditate on entry VI, which is a bit more demanding, here is V.   This was four short quatrains with no particular rhythm, but with the rhyme scheme you see here.  It was satisfying–and pleasureable–to expand the lines.  Now, they conatain what they were meant originally to express–though more minimal.  I like this result.  I’ll sleep on the next entry some more tonight.