Waterfall | Björn Rudbergs writings:

Visiting Bjorn’s page I wrote the following as part of a comment.  There is something simple and rather stark and minimal, that I find myself liking, for some reason.

as i slept

by a veranda

open to the sea

on a cool night

just right

to let

the wind

and moonlight

and the stars

blow quietly

past me

as i slept

via Waterfall | Björn Rudbergs writings.

I suppose I should be embarrassed, because I have mentioned, on one occasion or another that I no longer write freeverse. Of course, such words as “never” and “always” must be tempered by such things as our moods, whims, lifespans, etc. unless, or course, they involve ethical and/or moral elements.

Still the act of writing this makes me want to revive my long stalled yet ongoing project wherein I write poetry in the style of modern poetry which pokes fun at itself, and the entire genre. It is, after all, a “broad side of the barn”-sized target. There is, in fact a military term for a target so big it cannot be missed, which escapes me at the moment.

All that aside, there are ways in which such forms may be used effectively, without such a blatant feeling of arbitrarity. Perhaps eschewing the use of capitals is a mere stylistic choice, however the line lengths can be used in place of punctuations, and therefore, in such a case as this, have a purpose apart from just appearing ‘modern.’ The use of the word ‘modern’ is rather a humorous practice, in and of itself, considering that virtually any form of art that is so termed (‘modern,’ or even ‘post-modern,’) has been extant for at least 5 decades, although, at most, a century–or just short if we take the year 1914 as a dividing line. There were a few earlier examples of such forms; however the dark sense of life, previously mentioned in relevant posts, hadn’t taken full hold until somewhere around this date.

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