This is what happens…

…when whimsy strikes me with a brickbat, in the event that the comment is not approved here it is reproduced (with a bit of lucasing):

Not very sporting, sir,
Leaving a link,
With nary a follow,
Nor even a like.

Seems like extorting, sir,
Should you rethink?
It strikes me as hollow, sir,
Hogging the mike.

However, dear sir, I forgive you…

Truly, sir, there is no need for this kind of thing. Your poetry and your photographs are very pleasing and do work very well together.

And, as well, clicking “like” still provides the link very much as the one you pasted. People do appreciate a few kind words though, And, I must say I do like your writing very much.

This was in response to a link posted in my about page, with nary a like, nor follow, nor actual comment. This post seems the more appropriate place for such a link, so I include it here:

A.Eventide – Gravatar Profile: rlbk75, Lady Day, Rhonda L. Brockmeyer, R. L. King

Screenshot via: “This Was Never Poetry”

Rhonda L. Brockmeyer
Yes it was.

So much so that I despaired the first time you vanished taking all your words with you. So very much so, I made myself afraid, after a time, to visit your site fearing it would once again be gone.

So much did you inspire and ignite my imagination.

YES, it was.


I have recently undertaken to read artists blogs from the the beginning. I’m starting with Bjorn’s blog because, order of the most engaging bloggers, and therefore those who have commented the most.

Björn Rudbergs writings


A sonnet on #liblit twitter word-game

A meeting, thirteenth room and feeling vague
No comfort on the thirteenth floor it is
The thirteenth room gives awful mindset plague
The thirteenth floor it’s hard to get the quiz

I search my mind for winsome things to say
But train of thought will lead away from light
The winsome thoughts turn darker, dreary grey
And train of thoughts will enter tunnel night

Oh querulous they are, creatures of Night
And under fullest moon they walk around
They prey and wait in hunt for blood and fight
But creatures that I fear are now aground

As sunshine burns the scary beasts away
My fealty is keeping fear at bay

Björn Rudberg, May 1 to May 5 2012

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I resolve, here and now…

…to read one of my follower’s blogs from the very beginning. Every day, if time permits and doesn’t interfere with my work, I shall do that very thing!!!

I have been wondering why no one pops in at my earlier posts, but. I think the answer is in the “reader.” It’s so easy to go down the line for a few pages and click like on whatever you like.

I think people have much more to offer if you see as complete a picture of them as you can. Therefore, rather than fretting about why others don’t do it…

I’ll will be “the change I want to see,” The real Gandhi quote is, I believe, this:

“If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change. As a man changes his own nature, so does the attitude of the world change towards him. … We need not wait to see what others do.”

So, that… is the very thing I will do. Prepare ye, to have your earliest posts read!