This is what happens…

…when whimsy strikes me with a brickbat, in the event that the comment is not approved here it is reproduced (with a bit of lucasing):

Not very sporting, sir,
Leaving a link,
With nary a follow,
Nor even a like.

Seems like extorting, sir,
Should you rethink?
It strikes me as hollow, sir,
Hogging the mike.

However, dear sir, I forgive you…

Truly, sir, there is no need for this kind of thing. Your poetry and your photographs are very pleasing and do work very well together.

And, as well, clicking “like” still provides the link very much as the one you pasted. People do appreciate a few kind words though, And, I must say I do like your writing very much.

This was in response to a link posted in my about page, with nary a like, nor follow, nor actual comment. This post seems the more appropriate place for such a link, so I include it here:

Insults Make Me Happy:

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