Linux Mint!

on my Toshiba laptop.

As near perfection as that for which I could hope.

Kanzensakura – once more: Accidental Perfection:

I have tried
to describe to myself
how the experience is:

whether it is like
one of those nights
when I cannot sleep
and sit on my back steps
while silent snow falls,

or a walk
through spicy autumn woods,

or a summer night
when I sit
and listen to the cicadas
and watch the occasional meteor
streak across the sky….


At times, although I usually try…

…to have 70 out of 70 iambs in a sonnet, it really has an effect to flip to trochee’s for a few lines, three or four perhaps, and then back again. As in this one, Beginning with the line “Laughing,” the lines are flipped and then the rhythm flips back after the word “Triumph.” My goal was to have all iambs, but so much did I like the sound of the flip, I left it that way. I believe I may well use that method here and there and see what sounds I may wring out of the five petaled flower.

Regarding not her reach; or did the sound,
Laughing, delicate, from out a learner’s
Able hand–nimble, did her fingers bound,
Tripping lightly over octaves–earn her

Triumph; with–crossing leagues of royal blue–
Iokean lips, though never history knew?

And this does seem…

…to be one of those nights, as the saying goes. Tonight, I feel very much inclined to take the easy road, but the narrow gravel switchbacks with brittle crumbling edges seem to keep presenting themselves. Drafts keep piling up on top of my posts, spoiling my view of work I have already completed–vexing me at every turn.

There are some sonnet projects…

…even single ones, that require so much thought, that it is far less painful to work on them a little at a time. Works such as this one take at least a few days of thinking upon. I would revisit the draft at least once per day, type a note or two, or a phrase I thought was usable. Anything that occurs between periods of sleep is always easier. It just comes together almost like magic all of a sudden. Continue reading