There are some sonnet projects…

…even single ones, that require so much thought, that it is far less painful to work on them a little at a time. Works such as this one take at least a few days of thinking upon. I would revisit the draft at least once per day, type a note or two, or a phrase I thought was usable. Anything that occurs between periods of sleep is always easier. It just comes together almost like magic all of a sudden.

It is most likely not altogether apparent which entires are of that variety and which are not. I will say that most are not. The truth is, that everyone feels like taking it easy, as the expression goes, at times. And oftentimes when one feels that way, that is the very moment the difficult projects come to mind. Perhaps it is the act of relaxation itself that plays the larges role in that process. So that is when I choose to make a note or two, as things occur, and then move on to a sonnet that wishes itself to be written almost on its own. Some of these come flowing out with very little guidance from me. When that happens, it is very much–though not exactly–like writing freeverse. I do guide such works, but with a more gentle hand than the type on which I spend a few days, or even longer.

The above example took some weeks, If I remember correctly. I even left it completely alone for a few days and then came back to it. I don’t like seeing drafts in my post list. It spoils the view for me. So, no matter how difficult the particular draft might be, I have to get them off the list. I can’t bear to leave them there forever.

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