At times, although I usually try…

…to have 70 out of 70 iambs in a sonnet, it really has an effect to flip to trochee’s for a few lines, three or four perhaps, and then back again. As in this one, Beginning with the line “Laughing,” the lines are flipped and then the rhythm flips back after the word “Triumph.” My goal was to have all iambs, but so much did I like the sound of the flip, I left it that way. I believe I may well use that method here and there and see what sounds I may wring out of the five petaled flower.

Regarding not her reach; or did the sound,
Laughing, delicate, from out a learner’s
Able hand–nimble, did her fingers bound,
Tripping lightly over octaves–earn her

Triumph; with–crossing leagues of royal blue–
Iokean lips, though never history knew?

2 responses to “At times, although I usually try…

    • And our resident Biblical Greek scholar posits “Iokean” rather than “Ioken” or “Iokan;” so to his scholarship do I defer. Ioke being the Goddess of pursuit (in battle) and one of Athena’s little godlets–or perhaps I should write “godlettes?”


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