Sonnet VII: (14 lines by clause)

If I did not describe my heart:
How it yearns for you;
How it quickens at every sight of you,
Every instant when I first hear your voice;

If I did not write: of how it races when you come near;
That it has skipped when you have touched me;
That it pounds with the expectation of your touch,
Every beat so hard that it shakes my body enough for you to see;

If I chose to keep the secret: of its quiet rhythm in the morning when I wake;
How long I have lain, quietly amazed as our hearts beat in perfect synchrony;
That I wondered how many minutes would pass before their rhythms diverged;
Every word withheld as I lay down my pen and lock it away with its barren white sheets;

If I swore not to describe my heart,
Would it stop beating forever?

This sonnet is part of a short sequence; click here to read it all:

8 responses to “Sonnet VII: (14 lines by clause)

    • No worries. I will change it if you like. But, your thoughts are most appreciated.

      This current sequence is part of a “course” I wrote and never quite finished. It explores concepts regarding the distillation of ideas down to sonnet form. There are many “how to” courses on sonnet writing, and I thought I would do something a bit different from those I have seen. My aim is not instruction in this sequence but the contemplation of possibility.

      In these last few months grief has taken me away from my writing and even my work to some degree. It is, however most gratifying that some still receive some pleasure from my past work.

      Again, my thanks.

      Liked by 1 person

    • I adore your work. I am terribly sorry you are going through a bad time. Know while so, your soul will be learning new depths, and will surely reflect in your future writing.
      I have tried a Sonnet or two but the “true” sense is ever so difficult for me. I suppose my style is a bit casual, but can’t critique my own self :)
      No need to correct my typo, though terribly kind of you. I will admit to being humane and let it stay :) lol!
      Have a most beautiful day!!!
      Hugs, H.


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