Odes and Sonnets are…

…related in a way I just discovered.  Regarding these two, the first is a reflection of an ode to S.T.C. (of Ancient Mariner fame)  Which is written in iambic heptameter in ten couplets, or five quatrains, if you prefer (and incidentally, the way it was originally written.)  This ode will you find down below within […]

Sonnet II: Once More for Sam

He sung of Sisters close and sweet, and taught; Of sea, and wealth, he droned a mournful view. Of Death himself, as fine as Death, he brought A smile to my lips when fear they knew. And lovely, to a barren cheek he drew, The very first and only tear, he claimed. Of no return, […]

Sonnet I: To S. T. C.

He sung of Sisters close and sweet; and taught Of sea and wealth; he droned a mournful view Of Death as fine as Death himself. He brought A smile to my lips when all they knew Was fear; and to a barren cheek he drew The first and only tear. A place, he claimed, Of […]

Intro 1: To Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Of Sisters he sung And of Ancient Mariners; And wrote of such death As made death seem fine. He brought joy and even tears When he penned such depth. And when he sung of Xanadu and Kubla Kahn, And his caves of Ice, I dreamt along with Him about his honey dew And his paradise.