My sweetheart gave me…

…a wonderful idea!  She mentioned that people hadn’t been looking very far back in time on the site.  She thought that was a shame.  That made me think along these lines:

“Well…” I thought to myself, “The site really is like a long book of verse isn’t it?”

“So,” I continued to think to myself, “Why not make it easier for someone to move through the work from the beginning?”

So what I did was to add a master link to the first intro/sonnet pair–using the daily archive format in the link enables both to be viewed on one page alone.  Which seems appropriate anyway.  AND:  I’ve added “forward” and “back” links as well as a “view” all three links will cause the entries to be displayed as a pair instead of one post at a time.

The archive format doesn’t display the “like” or other buttons so that one can view the work without any distractions. Clicking on the title of any post or the comment link, will, of course bring you to the single post page, wherein comments and ratings and likes and all the rest and be done.

AND: if you are in that mode, or any mode, actually, clicking on the “view” link, rather than the “next” or “previous” links, will display that work with its partner on a single page.

This is a wonderful idea, my sweetheart is truly a genius!!!

Insults Make Me Happy:

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