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I feel I have of late had a bit of trouble extending my hand lately. Perhaps fearing the feel of things. Perhaps it has been this strange hiatus which is to blame. But I think not.

In any case, I very much enjoyed your thoughts regarding Mary and Martha. This is the stuff of which a good sermon is made. I think perhaps I have written less lately because of this. I must think about it more. The fact is, I have written so many sonnets that I know–almost like a professional writer knows, although I am most certainly not that–I can write one on demand at any time, and no matter how I feel.

I suppose I thought I’d push through, as it were, and write a (for me) short note to you here. In any case, your sermon notes upon Martha and Mary have given me something to think about.

On a lighter note. I do not remember ever having read a bible with such modern English. I prefer the KJV, (of course) and (also of course) have no trouble with its language! (which I am quite sure is fairly obvious by the work I have posted : )

When I was a bit younger, there was published a thing called “The Living Bible.” This was and is a paraphrased version of the Bible in modern English (of the 1970ies.) One tends, I think to regard more modernised version of the Bible as being similar to this version.

The trouble with paraphrased versions of the Bible is that they were heavily dependent on the understanding of the individual doing the paraphrasing. This meant that there were shades of meaning that were very difficult to divine whether, as some Christians might put it, ones reading was spirit-led or not.

However, an aspect of most modern Bibles, about which the majority of people are unaware, is that they are all more faithfully translated now regardless of the type of language they employ. This is due in part to more and older texts being unearthed and translated and made readily available.

Still… even though undeniably more accurate now–as are virtually all modern versions–Bibles in modern English are one new trick with which this old dog has a bit of trouble.

As ever, please do cast my missing or illegal grammar to the swine; no doubt it could well be named Legion, for they are many.

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One response to “Some thoughts about Mary and Martha. | kanzensakura

  1. Hello Stranger! You have been greatly missed. I for one do not use paraphrases such as the ancient Living Bible. I do use the New Living Translation which is translated directly from the Aramaic, Hebrew, and Greek. I hope that is a comfort for you that this is drawn from wonderful old, historic, original languages. I find it wonderful that such things can be brought down through the centuries and read in a new and different way based on us, now instead of that wicked King James and his language then. You know I am a Bible scholar so I hope this helps you knowing I do not go willy-nilly into things and also,you know I am an engineer so you know I am almost always overly cautious about many things.

    I can write on demand myself and I know how it is to just churn something out. I have been writing beyond my usual one-trick pony visions and find it good to get out of the comfort kitchen and into the foray of new ways, new words, different devices. Some I shall keep, others will be discarded.

    You will find no other fan/admirer of your words more faithful than me unless it is your beloved Plague Fairy.

    I miss your words and your presence. Come on and join us rebels not cloistered in the kitchen. Rock the words my friend. :-) <3

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