Sonnet: Stardate – 50419.1…

My love has wings–slender, feathered things–
With grace in upswept curve and tapered tip,
My love would soar–swiftly to adore–
So twisting ever toward, and graceful skip.

So dances she–round and round to be–
Enrapt to bring us care, to bind us kept,
My love should know–you, my love, bestow–
Your Own, as did He dance and graceful stepped.

For now as wed… They–Our Love has said–
Would bear us swiftly hence as spectral ships;
So lovely They–So lighted, Their display–
That would illuminate our Earthly trips.

And lovely see–you and I–as We…
Take flight, as when I tasted first your lips.

  • once more for Gene.


9 responses to “Sonnet: Stardate – 50419.1…

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  2. Hi David, it was a long time since I passed through.. Many poems have passed since, and I see you keep to the sonnets. I remember that when I started blogging 3 years ago you where one of the first to come through. But indeed we share the love of sonnets, though I might have taken mine into a more narrative way, but sometimes also abstract or contemporary..


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