Sonnet: Busy

Can I look, can I listen, can I speak?
Can I stop, can I walk, or can I run?
Can I fetch, can I put, or am I done?
Can I drop, can I gather, may I seek?

Will I lead, will I later, will I sneak?
Will I first, will I last, or will I shun?
Will I few, will I lots, or have I none?
Will I feed, will I wallow, am I bleak?

Must I find, must I forfeit, must I do?
Must I know, must I guess, or must I now?
Must I brave, must I cower, should I bow?
Must I glow, must I grimace, am I blue?

If I may, am I dower, did I stray?
Can I pray, for more hours, in the day?


11 responses to “Sonnet: Busy

    • heh! You are most welcome.

      Written in response to a most harried moment; however nothing quite as harried as a mother with 5 children scurrying in all directions! In fact not even so harried as many moments I recall when our children were still quite young. Not even close! I look back on it with awe…. “Was it really me?” “Can people actually engage in so many important things all at once?”

      It is amazing how soft I have become since then when, as now, just being a bit more busy than normal frustrates me to that degree.

      Still, at the very same moment, I thought it to be hilarious; and so I took even more time and wrote the entry above.


    • :) Emeron, I NEVER do that. How could I click ‘like’ if I never read it? I do t get by often as I’d like. But when I read, you’ll know I was there either by comment or ‘like’ or both. :)


    • I know : ) I have noticed, truly. It is one of the the aspects of your character which makes you truly unique. I just wanted you to know as per your recent post that such things do not bother me in the least because the simple act of doing so will bring new people to a site.

      And one small but wonderful reward for doing all of this writing of whatever kind we may do, is finding someone who connects with it.

      That is a “touchy-feely” way of describing it, but really, it is the engineer in me that made me understand it. Once I did, I started doing more “clicking.”

      Just.. you know… sharing my perspective on it : )

      haha on the other hand…
      I still don’t accept awards… which at this level of saturation, would bring more people to my site and the sites of others as well.

      This is not for the typical reason, I think, but I will say it does have something to do with the same aspect of my psycho-epistemology that prevents me from having writer’s block or stage fright. (As a piano performance student (that was my most recent back to school adventure) I found myself on the receiving end of a fair bit of envy, although, I will say most of it was good-natured ribbing, really.


    • Ahh. I see. Well. I’m just lazy. That’s why I don’t accept them anymore. I like reading who I like reading and some supporters are amazing. What if I don’t give them an ‘award’ because they are not my favourite to read?
      My honest nature is what keeps me from hitting ‘like’ without reading and from handing out awards to others I am not so keen on reading, but don’t want to offend. It’s just how I am. I won’t be fake about it. I just want to write. And read whomever I wish, pressure free. :)


    • Very true, all your words! If you only knew me IRL as I am, haha, you would be even more amazed and dumbfounded that I would deign to engage in random clicking.

      And you know I am more than capable of writing a quick piece of software to do it all day and night if I so chose, : ) I do feel that would be going overboard.

      But I do admit I do it. This is what I do:

      I use a little mod that suppresses most or all pictures. That puts things closer together. Then I go to the reader page and zoom out as far as I can to make everything as small as possible. Then… (I’m not kidding at all now) I take my reading glasses off so I can not see anything clearly closer than 20 feet or so. And I watch a video on the other side of the room. Then I go down the line. click, click, click…. hit the space-bar which causes a scroll then I go back up the line. click, click, click….

      There is something I like about the wicked feeling I now have about it too, because I would never have considered it in the beginning and here we are talking about the integrity issues surrounding it.

      In all honesty, I have not done this very often. But I have done it on occasion. Like you regarding awards, I am too lazy to do it more often than that.

      Yes those “best of web” type awards were invented in the early 1990ies to help people get traffic to their sites. They are still used that way, however one doesn’t really need to do that on because of the way all of our sites are linked together in a gigantic web of clicks!

      Still I’m thinking about cloning my blog to other blogging systems just to see what happens. I am not especially interested in facebook, and twitter is no good for me (guess why?!—-s120 characters or less? yah… right…)

      haha Thanks for making me laugh about it all. I’ll say no more about it. (unless you really, really want me to do so : )


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