Intro 3: Instinct

Every twist and turn
Makes me hold you more tightly.
You can’t get away.

You know you are safe.
No matter where you may go.
I have to hold on.

Twist and slide, knowing
That I can always find you.
You can not get lost.

We are made this way.
Like hand and glove we are made.
That’s how well we fit.


4 responses to “Intro 3: Instinct

  1. Thank you for this. I have held to this promise for so many years – it has brought me comfort and made me courageous.

    This is another one of your pieces where all of the first lines can be read together in sequence – then all the second lines, and then the third, correct? I like those. Is that something you do to amuse me or is it a poetic convention?


    • Sometimes I do it on purpose. Sometimes it just turns out that way. Like now. It just happened because of the way I naturally balanced each line. It might have worked better, if it had been intentional. Either way, I love you.


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