A note on how…

this one was done:

This pair was begun, as often is the case (thought not always) with the sonnet itself. I jotted down 14 random words in a Petrarchan rhymescheme. These proceeded down the page, or screen, rather, on the right side. Then I read over our exchange, saw my subject, and then filled in all the other 120 syllables. Once I had 140 total, well, then I knew I was done!

Well…there was more to it than that, I suppose. But in a nutshell, that is what I did. Once I had it that far, I played around with it to increase the number of iambs. I like to have all 70 of them. I’ll spend 2 or 3 hours wondering over how to turn 69 iambs into 70. And naturally there are those inner rhymes I like which add rhythm to the piece–particularly when read out loud. Sometimes–not always–I do like to rhyme clauses or sentences that end in the middle of lines, usually I use the line after, sometimes the line before. Sometimes I skip a line. The line skipping can be entertaining when I see, sometimes, if I can keep it going until the end.

It’s haiku style introduction was written afterward. It is a paraphrase of something I read or heard somewhere, but at the moment can’t remember where exactly. Still, it relays the same idea as does the sonnet

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