Furuichi Love Hotel

How very strange and interesting. A colleague of mine is planning to visit Japan for an extended visit. I have heard other very interesting stories regarding how strange a place it is. You write very well in English, for a German in Japan. I see quite a few more American idioms in your writing than British, which is what I used to expect to see–many decades ago–from Germans with a good command of English.

Abandoned Kansai

When Conan was asked “What is best in life?” he answered “To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of their women.” – I’m pretty sure if the Mongol general would have asked him “What is worst in life?” Conan would have answered “To marry a Japanese woman, see her taking your paycheck, and to hear the lamentation about setting the AC to a ‘freezing’ 28° C in the middle of summer.”

Please forgive this provocative generalization of an introduction, but whenever I stumble across an abandoned love hotel I can’t help but be reminded of how different Japan is in so many ways to my home country Germany. Especially in the relationship department. What I wrote so far and will write in the lines to come is not an analysis of the Japanese society or even just its love life – I’m just describing…

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