It seems that this rarefied territory as…

…such of us who maintain our rather anonymous, low volume blogs enjoy will be sorely missed when, at some point, one finds one has crossed the line into some higher level of recognition.   Most of us here at this level–if not all, which truly has been my experience–seem not to offer harsh judgement, but simply a neighbourly kind of support.   I myself, have never been, in such a way, too critical; and although from some of my writings, one might infer that I might be found rather particular as regards my likes and dislikes, I have a number of reasons why–even pre-blogging–this is my general way of approaching such things.  One might, for example read elsewhere in this blog, that I feel an aspiring writer is too odd a duck to give the kind of advice that another aspiring writer may need–unless that writer is deliberately targeting other aspiring writers; a thing which may or may not be the case.  This is not the least of my reasons, such as they are; however I will leave it to the reader to ferret out my other such reasons.

In any case, crossing the boundary brings into ones world, flaming, trolling, and other elemental denizens.  Some trolls are even paid assassins meant to break the spirit of those who do not, as it were, “tow the line” in whatever way some shadowy foundation might have decided needs towing.  Of this I have seen many examples, and read about a great deal more.  As I  myself am a technically savvy fellow, I am not as concerned with such things.  They will be met with the appropriate countermeasures.  Some of which my more technically savvy readers will, no doubt find very entertaining.

However, such a moment carries with it, like it or not, a feeling of “childhood’s end,” as one might term it.  A bit sad in some undefinable way.  I remember very well, my first such moment–rather trivial by comparison–being the very first comment I received from someone other than my sweet wife.  I remember it giving me pause.  Not sure, I remember I felt, as to whether I should acknowledge it myself, or just pretend it never happened.

As it turned out, responding in kind opened up a whole new world to me; and this is a thing for which I am most appreciative.  Although I have not seen many new posts from my first follower–as he was rather young, and, I am most certain, has other priorities besides maintaining a blog.  Still my exchanges with this young man remain quite significant in my memory.  And, he is, as, of this date, his most recent post will show, a very talented young man.  (This, by the way, is a quite beautiful tribute to a lighthouse, if I am not mistaken)

In any case….   Childhood’s end?  We should not fear it.  We should not regret it, except to look back upon it fondly and with gilding such as only nostalgic recollection may bring.  But, certainly we should look it straight in the face and bravely yell:  “Bring it on!”


I shall repeat here, in this reblog, what I have commented–as quite often I perform these actions in the wrong order.

I, as is most usual, find myself lifted up and cheered whereupon reading of such an ongoing spiritual journey. I should like at some point to write more upon this subject; however, for the time being, the Muse calls!

Cindy Livingstone Ministries® Revivalist

Bride of Christ

I asked the Father to show me what a True Child of God is like and this is what He Said:


My Remnant will stand in the Full Embodiment of Christ.
They shall Discern the season and will be Watchful toward the infiltrated enemy.
My Voice will be the Beacon unto their spirit. 
They will maneuver with the Boldness of a Lion and the Love of a Lamb.
They are Wiser than any serpent and are Enriched with My Sovereign Presence.
Their Words shall be as Fire that burn through the soul and reach into man’s Heart.
Their Sight shall gaze upon My Kingdom and they will bring Glory to their Heavenly Father on earth.
They shall Stand in adversity and Demonstrate My Miraculous Power and Conquer the enemy with My Truth.
They are Carriers of the Sword of Truth……
In their hearts they know My Righteousness……
Their mind is…

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Dreaming of Hiking – Badlands Nat’l Park, South Dakota

Strangely, I recall a news story of a man disappearing in the badlands around Phoenix AZ. Very confusing and dangerous territory, it is. I know that area fairly well–well enough to stay on the marked trail. If one loses ones bearings in such interlacing canyons, one might never find ones way out, nor would ones body be discovered for years–as it what occured in the above mentioned story.

So, while taking…

…a bit of a break, I thought I might write a few words regarding the sequence I have been writing.  This is has been an interesting sequence for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that I am writing it from my sweetheart’s perspective.  This can be somewhat vexing; one does not wish to appear to be sounding ones own clarion, as it were.   Therefore, in the interest of the avoidance of an excess of self-aggrandisement, I have endeavoured to keep to quotes and memories of conversations and notes and letters that I have over the years received.  In this way I may use and/or paraphrase the words of others–particularly those of my sweet love, rather than my own.  Even then, it does strike one as rather embarrassing to write such things about oneself. Continue reading