I shall repeat here, in this reblog, what I have commented–as quite often I perform these actions in the wrong order.

I, as is most usual, find myself lifted up and cheered whereupon reading of such an ongoing spiritual journey. I should like at some point to write more upon this subject; however, for the time being, the Muse calls!

Cindy Livingstone Ministries® Revivalist

Bride of Christ

I asked the Father to show me what a True Child of God is like and this is what He Said:


My Remnant will stand in the Full Embodiment of Christ.
They shall Discern the season and will be Watchful toward the infiltrated enemy.
My Voice will be the Beacon unto their spirit. 
They will maneuver with the Boldness of a Lion and the Love of a Lamb.
They are Wiser than any serpent and are Enriched with My Sovereign Presence.
Their Words shall be as Fire that burn through the soul and reach into man’s Heart.
Their Sight shall gaze upon My Kingdom and they will bring Glory to their Heavenly Father on earth.
They shall Stand in adversity and Demonstrate My Miraculous Power and Conquer the enemy with My Truth.
They are Carriers of the Sword of Truth……
In their hearts they know My Righteousness……
Their mind is…

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