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Upon the western gale of waking cold
A saline tang of home do winds decree,
Evoking dusks of red and dawns of gold,
A vivid sky evolves in transient sea.

This beacon! One must note its fabled lure,
Atop its rising breath the sun does ride.
Amalgamating auburn, tan, azure,
The friend in which a million souls confide.

Its influence of calm and grace exudes
To far locales, and in the Open lives
A force for people strong and people shrewd,
And though we take, it nought but gladly gives.

The Ocean, lessons wrought through placid might
Will better all in times of trial and spite.

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This is quite a wonderful work which begs reblogging.

Some figures of misery and poverty in the world…

And as ever, because fewer and fewer of us have engaged ourselves in the study of history in any detail, these facts will cause most of us to:

jump to the wrong conclusion,
name an incorrect cause,
demonise the wrong villain,
propose the wrong solution,
take the wrong action,
hurt those to whom we wish to offer help,
help those we wish to hurt,
ignore any who may truly be responsible…

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Ronald Reagan: Progressive Taxation Came Direct From Karl Marx | CNS News

I had always found him to be a very nice man. The same in person as in public. I do miss him. Thank you for posting this and sparking old memories.




Ronald Reagan on health care, taxation and other things, enjoy.


Ronald Reagan, who was then a movie actor, delivered one of the greatest and most prophetic speeches of the 20th century, when he appeared before the Orange County Press Club on July 28, 1961.

Vital Speeches of the Day later published the full text under the headline, “Encroaching Control: Keep Government Poor and Remain Free.”

Reagan made an alarming argument: Americans were slowly surrendering to socialism just as some socialists had predicted they would.

“Not too long ago,” Reagan said, “Norman Thomas, six times a candidate for president on the Socialist Party ticket, commented that ‘the American people would never knowingly vote for socialism but that under the name of liberalism, they would adopt every fragment of the socialist program.'”

Reagan pointed to several examples, starting with health care.

“Traditionally, one of the easiest…

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