About Grandpa… Just Another Manic Monday

This blog is so delightfully happy. Happiness is much needed I think. I believe that, very truly, happiness and love, and the act of looking for the best in people and in their circumstances is much more powerful as a “force for change,” as is often the phrase we hear, than is anger and outrage. This, I fear, is not the vogue, but I am quite convinced it is true nonetheless. Anger and its compatriots divide; and love, friendliness, mirth, joy, and happiness unite people–bring them together in a most wonderful way.
Even when a circumstantial change is brought about through anger and outrage, still all such interested parties remain divided and unhappy. Bring that same change about though positive means and these same interested parties will find themselves liking each other and wondered why they were ever divided in the first place!
I believe certain forces in the world have a vested interest in our unhappiness. Because it causes us all to be much easier to manipulate whether we somewhat improve our circumstances through division or not.
However, when we go “against the grain” as it were, and achieve our goals and aims with a happy heart, and perhaps even with love, as would advise the man whose birth many of us are celebrating this month, not only are we united, but our solutions such as they are, are much improved and complete. Not to mention, that in so doing, we have made ourselves and all those with whom we have relevant dealings much more difficult to manipulate. It sets us free even as it causes evil men to lose much of their power–not only over us, but in a much more general sense.

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A six year old goes to the hospital with her grandmother to visit her Grandpa.

When they get to the hospital, she runs ahead of her Grandma and bursts into

her Grandpa’s room…

“Grandpa, Grandpa,” she says excitedly, “As soon as Grandma comes into the

room, make a noise like a frog.

“What?” said her Grandpa.

“Make a noise like a frog – because Grandma said that as soon as you croak,

we’re all going to Disney Land

 (MATTHEW HATFIELD/Standard-Examiner) Alexa kisses her grandfather, Kurt Hering.

Enjoy Your Holidays Everyone!

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