Hell has finally frozen over… twice….

  1. I actually bought a single track (from iTunes–as it was not available somewhere more convenient)
  2. I am actually posting a YouTube video.

Two firsts.

The following is called “I Do” and is written, arranged, and performed by Yoko Kanno, a composer and musician with which animé fans will be quite familiar.  The vocal is performed by Ilaria Graziano, and is in Italian, a language which shares some mechanics with Japanese in that both languages are unaccented–very unlike English in this regard.  This makes both languages very suitable for libretto.

The Italian here is beautifully pronounced–crystal clear, bell-like–and is very easy to understand due to the  pure vowels and consonants of the language; I have only a passing acquaintance with it (although my father spoke it fluently.)

This piece was used in its entirety during the closing credits of a special episode of “Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex.”  There are perhaps better links to the audio on YouTube, however this one offers up the Original Italian and an English Translation.  I found a few more links there, one of which is actually a section of the show in which the song was used.  The audio in these is somewhat better than in the embedded video below.   Enjoy!

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4(Steve) + Martha= Ubermensch

See there! You made me smile yet again! I somehow missed Blackadder and saw two of his co-conspiritors Mr. Fry, and Mr. Laurie, late of “Gregory House” fame, in an adaptation of PG Wodehouse’s “Jeeves and Wooster” first; which, if you have not yet seen it, is classic Fry and Laurie! Later of course, I enjoyed all of Blackadder–oh my, his Christmas special was…

But, I really came here to share with you a different type of post; more I should say, inspired by you, than was the previous one on which you were kind enough to comment.


Regarding “Etudes” 11 and 12:

Rather than rearranging what I have scheduled to post, I shall delay #11, which will post on January 3rd, 2014.  Number 12, which is not yet completed will most likely be done this morning(ish) and will therefore post on January 4th, 2014, or perhaps shortly thereafter.

Sorry to make all-y’all wait this long ; )

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Celebrate the moments of your lives!

Today’s sonnet is, in fact a tribute to Turkish coffee, and was one of the drafts I had floating about the top of my post list, spoiling my view.  My sweet wife laughed aloud when, after first telling her what the project was to be, I subsequently read her the result.  I did warn her that it was quite severe considering the subject matter at hand.  Her first coherent words were:  “Celebrate the moments of your lives!” followed by another round of laughter.  Continue reading