Regarding “Etudes” 11 and 12:

Rather than rearranging what I have scheduled to post, I shall delay #11, which will post on January 3rd, 2014.  Number 12, which is not yet completed will most likely be done this morning(ish) and will therefore post on January 4th, 2014, or perhaps shortly thereafter.

Sorry to make all-y’all wait this long ; )

Still…   I can here provide you with a few notes as to number 11:

In addition to the rhymescheme previously enumerated, the sonnet in question contains a number of rhythm flips… dactyls and trochees, if I remember correctly.  As well, does it contain a number of line carry-overs, serving as rhythmic extensions, most or all of which come complete with their own internal rhyme-schemes.

It is also the first sonnet I have written wherein the Volta occurs on the very last syllable.  This will also serve as the introduction to sonnet 12 which, I have so determined to function as a continence to the ideation of the Volta of sonnet 11–which thenceforth will contain a Volta of its own, probably occurring on line #10.

As I have begun this sonnet in earnest this afternoon, I have also determined that it should not contain many line extensions, rhythmic flips or other such contrivances which, I hope, will give it a more stately sound and conclusion to #11.

15 responses to “Regarding “Etudes” 11 and 12:

    • I understand completely. My holiday blues have left but in their place, is a winter peace. No blue, just sepia peace. I’m posting a poem, that I hope will convey the peace of this different season. Winter is actually my favorite season. the poem is free form – not a “real” poem. I just hope I haven’t screwed up the kigo too much. oh well, I’m sure some educated snerp out there will kindly let me know. Thank you for the recipe. I am going to be lazy and used rinsed canned pintos.


    • Although… come to think of it… I have made them so many times I can probably do it in my sleep…. So let me try:

      A pound (or two) of Pinto Beans: Rinse and Soak in slightly salty water overnight (or parboil and let stand one hour) Discard the liquid.

      A couple of small (or large) cans of chopped tomatoes.

      A couple of good sized onions and at least 4 or more garlic cloves–the more the merrier if you like garlic.

      cook the beans with the onions and garlic, tomatoes, and plenty of water, say, several inches covering them.

      Toward the end of the cooking time:

      Add a few cans of chillis, salt pepper to taste (maybe also jalepenos if you like ’em hot)

      Add a small Jar (or two) of Salsa. (Picante Style is okay, but practically anything “red” will work)

      Brown well a pound (0r two) of ground beef. And add it in at the end.

      (You can brown the meat and soak and drain the beans first, and then actually dump all the ingredients into a crockpot for 4 or more hours, as I just did recently if you are feeling lazy–they will taste a bit different that way, but they are still very tasty)


    • forgot the tomatoes. Added them in, you’ll have to go the comment directly to see them (I think) the comment reader will probably not reflect the change.

      I may have forgotten a spice or two. But…. I will endeavour to redo, repost, or resend this information when i find the original Grandma Emeron version….


    • I shall definitely let you know the results. I was thinking of throwing in some cumin, just because I like it. I have some excellent canned tomatoes i put up this summer – i was about to put up about 34 qts. and 14 pints. Very proud of that and the jars look so festive on the pantry shelf. it will be interesting to compare the original to what you sent.


    • Considering some of our history, in particular, My Sweetheart’s, it is a wonder that we have never put anything up ourselves.

      We have, for example a wonderful plum tree which I planted from a twig around 20+ years ago, and which has now turned into something of a grove. The thing is truly amazing. When one decides one would like another tree in a particular location one has only to stop mowing there for a season and one will surely sprout up on its own! They produce the most wonderfully sweet plums, however they usually serve to delight the birds and squirrels, I am afraid. And, behind the house is an equally amazing, though far less virulent pear tree. A strange thing that was blown over in a great wind storm long before we moved here, and which, with some pruning has developed into a true oddity but which also produces wonderful pears. We have discussed preserving them, but have never mustered op the courage for such an undertaking!

      I have been keeping very strange working (and playing) hours this season so I fell I am in need of some real rest this morning, however after that I shall go retrieve the recipe for you.

      By the way, did I mention I am writing something for you specifically? I believe I did, and in any case, I should like you to know that I have not forgotten at all, but have been pondering as to line, form and balance.

      Good morning to you, my Dear Mrs. S.


    • I am overjoyed you haven’t forgotten me!!! Get some good rest Mr. E…..I have a fondness for greengage plum jam. After a few years, i finally used the small plums from my Japanese plum to do umeboshi. The big huge jug looks intriguing at this point. I can hardly wait. You are putting something up – your sonnets – a lovely and intriguing, spicy, salty, sweet, acerbic pantry of verbal preserves. i enjoy the work of your hands immensely.


  1. Considering some of our history, in particular, My Sweetheart’s, it is a wonder that we have never put anything up ourselves.

    Considering your sweetheart’s history we’ll never have home canned food until and unless our distaff child and our hand-picked-son come for a long visit and do the canning for us! I respectfully hope to never see another canning job again. I believe I have reached the age where I can rest on my laurels or my pink satin pillow…whichever is closest. You mentioned canning so maybe we’d better make that the fainting couch!

    Now for the Indian Beans, my dear Mr. Emeron and kind Mrs. S. …

    1 lrg. can tomatoes (with the juice but if you use two I’d drain the second can)
    2 4oz can roasted green chilies
    1 4oz can taco sauce (never figured out what that actually was specifically)
    1/4 t. cumin seed
    salt and pepper
    4 garlic cloves
    2 lrg onions, chopped
    2 lbs pinto beans
    2 lbs hamburger

    Soak pinto beans overnight. Drain, cover with cold water, cook 2 hrs. Add all ingredients except hamburger and cook 4-6 hrs more. Brown hamburger and add to beans before serving.

    AddendumZzz. Should have nice beany broth but not be like soup. Mix up the ingredients and amounts to suit. Is great with Sriracha sauce on it as well as cheese.


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