Wonder upon wonder to be found herein!. Such delightful imaginings. I look forward to reading more soon! Also, I should like to extend to you my sincere thanks for visiting my much less fanciful site. This is truly a wonderful and interesting project that you have here begun.




Clotheslines as flags over the city. Every building a construction site. Every terrace the pavement of a new floor. Every windowsill the starting point for colored clotheslines where shirts, pants and sheets shared space with shoes (tied by their laces), sheets of paper, books. Carpets, chairs and larger furniture was usually brought upstairs on sunny days to dry. It was not unusual to find carpenters and builders working surrounded by wet, beautiful cabinets drying in the air.

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Holiday blues:

I have them.  At least, I suppose that is what they are.  To that end, do not expect to see much here apart from a daily sonnet.  I cannot now bring myself to answer comments so I decided I would at least post something here.  So this…  is that.
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