Tone: I think this post was most inspired by…

rarasaur, because of the smiles I find to be left upon my face after visiting her site and reading her stories.  I would be very interested to read what any of you out there reading this might think regarding this subject:

This morning I have been thinking upon the nature of not just artistic blogging, but blogging in general.  Those sites to which I enjoy–and to which I find myself returning again and again, tend to have a constant tone.  Particularly are these the ones which, after having visited for a while, I find have left me feeling enriched in one way or another–not necessarily happy, I should remark, but certainly further along on any number of emotions which might be though of as positive. Continue reading


This is quite delightful. Any friend of rarasaur’s is… er…. well,… any husband… is an…. Hmmmm…..
In any case, while investigating rarasaur’s posts for a bit of much needed levity–which she does offer in, one might say, “spades.” I came upon a reference to your blog also. This is a delightful post in a delightful blog, and I can see the two of you are well matched!