Tone: I think this post was most inspired by…

rarasaur, because of the smiles I find to be left upon my face after visiting her site and reading her stories.  I would be very interested to read what any of you out there reading this might think regarding this subject:

This morning I have been thinking upon the nature of not just artistic blogging, but blogging in general.  Those sites to which I enjoy–and to which I find myself returning again and again, tend to have a constant tone.  Particularly are these the ones which, after having visited for a while, I find have left me feeling enriched in one way or another–not necessarily happy, I should remark, but certainly further along on any number of emotions which might be though of as positive.

So, yes, laughter, certainly; but also feelings of warmth or nostalgia; those that leave one energised and and make one weep in the most positive of ways.  Perhaps, all those elements of life, whether internal or external, that are…  Such things that are…

…I am leaving the above unedited because I think my loss for words tells the story better than would my effort over hours searching for the appropriate words might tell.  Suffice it to say those things, those feelings, those elements, whatever they may be, having in common that they are as I might describe my sweetheart:  Everything good.

Certainly I find myself returning again and again to such places, whether virtual or actual, that I know to have made me such things in the past.  Things that made me feel good; good in whatever way one may feel good.  Good.  Just good.  Like my sweetheart.  Everything good.

So I find myself wondering if I should separate such very serious entries from the rest.  For example, the Kipling series–although containing elements of levity, much as the original from which it was inspired, is also as grave,

4 responses to “Tone: I think this post was most inspired by…

  1. I love this post! There’s such great concepts in here, and thanks for the lovely things you said about my blog. As to separating the posts, my advice, for what it’s worth, would be to find a way to show that the posts have a different style. Maybe put a picture in the serious posts so that people learn what type of post each is? :)


    • For me, I think it’s less about the blog personality, and more about the blogger personality. Many of the blogs I follow are “M”s on my little scale… so they write about everything. Sometimes those things are funny, sometimes sad, sometimes silly, sometimes angry… but as long as the blogger voice and perspective is recognizable, I go back. For people who have things written in an entirely different voice, I do like that to be distinguished– either in a secondary blog, or with some sort of notation (a category, or a secondary author name). :) But that’s just me!


    • My thanks, O scary reptile, If/when I have more followers, perhaps more people might weigh in on this if I prompt again. On the other hand, I imagine I might simply ask everyone, individually (that might annoy them, I think!)


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