Too Big to Succeed

 “Can you think of any problem [...] of human endeavour [...] whose long-term solution is [...] assisted [...] by further increases in population locally, nationally or globally?” 

This is an amazing statement to those who have made it a habit to study history in any significant way. Because its answer seems a glaring “yes, most definitely, in practically every conceivable instance.” With the possible exception of an instance wherein a large population is under a great degree of repression and control, as is the case in China. Such regimes ultimately undergo rapidly dwindling population, such as in the former Soviet Empire whether they engage in wholesale slaughter or not–as in the case of Europe, having to offer remuneration to couples to have adequate numbers of children.

Such regimes are in the business of removing impetus, and as history also shows us, it takes very little such removal to cause the rest of it to dwindle to nothing. It appears that once this process has begun it is, unfortunately, not reversible excepting the instance wherein–as history also shows–a very high price is paid for such a reversal. Most of that price has traditionally been paid in blood; and I am quite afraid, unless somehow the advent of technology has had some heuristic effect upon the way in which human beings interact in a crisis–which we may pray it has–that such continues to be the only currency in which the price for any such reversal in the future.must be paid.

Although I do hope that somehow this is not so.


[This was first published on 14 December 2011, and I want you to apply what you are reading here to the education article I published this morning, there will be more on this coming, because it is one of the most important issues we have.]

I’m going to draw heavily on Simon Black‘s Sovereign Man post today for this, it’s a guest post by Tim Price. The link is here, it’s also dead, sorry.

 Albert Bartlett, emeritus Professor of Physics at the University of Colorado at Boulder has asked,

“Can you think of any problem in any area of human endeavour on any scale, from microscopic to global, whose long-term solution is in any demonstrable way aided, assisted or advanced by further increases in population locally, nationally or globally?”

I can, actually, the long-term labor shortage that the United States has suffered for several hundred years, which has…

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Art Game’s Silent Night With The Ice Queen

I am not sure what this post is al about; I confess I am just relaxing, sitting back, watching quite random TV with my sweetheart, and absent-mindedly thumbing up posts in the reader, as do most of us here. But I’ am taking the time to reblog this because the photo is… well… cool….

allaboutlemon-All Around, In, And Out Of My Own Universe


contributed ” The Ice Queen”  image to the Art Game’s Silent Night

Thanks so much for this image Wyrdpooka :)


A Light Queen



light queen

and into

The Ice Queen



ice queen

But now in this Art Game’s Silent Night there is

A Freezing Chicken 



freezing chicken



Mr. Bean’s Car

is just on time to give that freezing chicken a lift! :)



bean car

Let’s go guys and let’s have some fun!

Click the logo for more details about this fun and join us :)


Art game continues…. to Tuesday 12pm (GMT) and then a new image will be post on Wednesday and so on.

This is fun… Come and join us!

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The Inverse:

And for the inverse, I offer up the following:

  1. C                                                    1             (14
  2. A                                     1                            (7
  3. B                     1                                            (8
  4. A                                     2                            (5
  5. C                                                    2             (9
  6. B                     2                                            (6
  7. A                                     3                            (2
  8. B                     3                                            (3
  9. C                                                    3             (4
  10. E           1                                                      (13
  11. D     2                                                            (12
  12. D     2                                                            (10
  13. E           1                                                      (11
  14. C                                                    4             (1

Interpret it as you will!  No, I relent.  As in the previous example, the columns are:

  • line number,
  • lettered rhymescheme,
  • numbered instance of each rhyme, staggered for easier reading,
  • and finally, a number designation of each discrete rhyming word.

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Sonnet: (template) ((More “Etudes” comming))…

This…  is evidently the way in which I avoid working on my poetry.  As well, this is evidently the way in which I avoid working on my sonnet site.  Am I the archetypal mismatcher–the quintessential oppositional personality?  I shall let you be the judge.

In any event, I offer up the following for your consideration:

  1. C                                                1          (1
  2. A                                 1                         (2
  3. B                  1                                        (3
  4. C                                                2          (4
  5. A                                 2                         (5
  6. B                  2                                        (6
  7. A                                 3                         (7
  8. B                  3                                        (8
  9. C                                                3          (9
  10. D            1                                              (10
  11. E      1                                                    (11
  12. D            2                                              (12
  13. E      2                                                    (13
  14. C                                                4          (14

Recently I have experimented with Italian varieties wherein the lines numbered 9 and 14 rhyme.  The above is an attempt to create a unique form specific to this idea rather than simply modifying the Petrarchan (Italian) scheme.  My only quandary now, is what to call it….  “Northwestern” perhaps?  “Portlandian?”  “455,” as in “four five five?”

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wild & precious, crazy orange life

Gracious me! I do remember my first pair of Nikes! Sometime in the late 19708ies I believe it was. The lightweight, light blue, track style variety, were they–the ones with the square cleats if any one should remember.
I remember well from that first moment upon wearing them how, for the first time in my life, my feet felt as light as air.

for the love of nike

Nike Texas to Albany Nike Texas to Albany Nike Texas to Albany Nike Texas to Albany Nike Texas to Albany Nike Texas to Albany

Precious, Wild Life

Here are a couple of photos from Albany all the way to Texas with bright orange dreams and stuff.
So really, tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one precious and wild life?
travel? work? create? have fun? see things differently? sit in a pile of leaves?
life’s short. just do it already.

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