Intro 1: This Thread

I thought, of late,
    that this

this new and joyous
        this miracle--

this thread of
        be mine forever.

How slowly, how
    quietly, how
        stealthily, this

gossamer thread


18 responses to “Intro 1: This Thread

    • Thank you Kat. The short verse and/or pseudo-haiku that serve as the introduction to each day’s sonnet are usually quickly written. I intend them perhaps to look like poetry, let us say. Often they are followed, below the “more…” fold, by further ramblings.

      Sometimes… these short bits read like poetry just by accident–they seem to have a mind/voice of their own.

      Occasionally, I spend a significant amount of time on one of these. The above is one such as I here describe.


    • Thanks for the reply. Funny how sometimes words which are jotted down spontaneously are better read than those deliberated over and yet those which are written with purpose can sometimes read better than those words which are quickly formed and written without a thought. Personally, I think I prefer this style of your writing as opposed to your sonnets. But content is just as good in either form. :-)


    • True and strange.

      Regarding styles, I understand. Such things are usually preferred in such times as ours… alas : ) And in such times, sonnets and other such things must be an acquired taste regardless of their musicality, their degree of depth, or merit of their content. One need only look at wordpress and see the ubiquitous proliferation of freeverse to know that these are preferred whether written or read.

      In truth, I have ever written quite a bit of such freeverse myself, and continue to do so. I prefer not to publish the most serious ones however.

      The sonnets are written for the one I love; and she alone, of any I have ever met, is best suited, educated, and disposed to appreciate their form and content.

      They are her favourite form and so naturally I fell in love with them as I fell in love with her.

      She is much like a sonnet herself: The queen of all poetic forms to which I am a willing and loyal subject.

      I choose to publish these because those who favour or even prefer this form are so few in number; yet still, they endure a less than romantic world besieging their romantic souls. I feel it is only a kindness to make known to them that there are others such as they who labour and fight on despite the tides having taken such turns as they have taken..


    • Haha! My apologies! One cannot keep track of everything. I am afraid I sometimes mix up names with pictures, websites and/or biographies. Kind Sir, I pray you will forgive me this most careless transgression.


    • That’s ok. No worries and not a problem. The “KaT” in this instance is an acronym for two names. So, dear sir, you are forgiven for your assumption for virtue and kindness do not cost a fortune. Methinks it was an error easily made.


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