So, while taking…

…a bit of a break, I thought I might write a few words regarding the sequence I have been writing.  This is has been an interesting sequence for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that I am writing it from my sweetheart’s perspective.  This can be somewhat vexing; one does not wish to appear to be sounding ones own clarion, as it were.   Therefore, in the interest of the avoidance of an excess of self-aggrandisement, I have endeavoured to keep to quotes and memories of conversations and notes and letters that I have over the years received.  In this way I may use and/or paraphrase the words of others–particularly those of my sweet love, rather than my own.  Even then, it does strike one as rather embarrassing to write such things about oneself.

Regarding the form itself, it is, ABCD ABCD ABCD (A)B(C)D; and for a bit of a change, I have kept consistently to this form throughout the sequence thus far.  In most cases in the past, when writing sequences, I have not done this, choosing mainly to keep the subject matter consistent, as in the case of the Xerex sequence, for example.

The entries are written in the third person, (regarding my sweetheart) with the final couplet being written in first person (from my own perspective,)  the exception to which is IV, due mainly to the subject matter; and that, in this case, I am more quoting, in a sense, than describing; however, I surmise that the remainder of the sequence will continue as previously described.

The exception, IV,  is my recollection of a poem, my dearest once wrote for me, so very long ago, and which I have cherished and kept these many decades, and which, only recently, I have found myself to have mislaid, or misfiled.  I do wish I had committed it to memory; however I have read it many times, and have a fair recollection of most of its lines; though I would not presume to reconstruct it, from such fragile, ephemeral memories such as these I have.  I do hold out much hope that I will, someday find this lovely piece again.  When I do, I shall make many copies of it, digital and otherwise.

Regarding the other entries, most are taken sequentially from a collection of notes I had long ago taken down.

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