Light at the end of the tunnel!!

If you still see the space in the list, beginning with “the 101″…  which is still present as of October, 2013…

If you look toward the right column wherein I have posted links to sequences, unless by the time you have read this, my work therein has been completed, you will see within the link category named “sequences,” a space.  Of course all the link categories to the right are involving sequences, apart from the default links, the calendar, recent posts, etc.  In any case, as of this writing you will still see a space after which you will see a link for “the 101.”

This space marks the division between my previous method of linking (using menu widgets) and my new method (involving link widgets.)  The new method allows me to easily move a link from “sequences” to, for example “featured” or some other heading simply by editing the link in question and changing the category to which it belongs.  This is a great labour-saving system, but it has been a very long process, as I have set about reworking some aspects of the site.

What has inspired this post is simply that I have noticed that the list of old links is growing small!  At first It felt as though it would never be completed.  The list of sequence seemed to have grown so large, you see; and I hadn’t really taken a good look at it until just this morning.  Only a scant handful of sequence left (plus possibly a few short sequences to which I hadn’t provided links before–I have, in fact, encountered a few of those here and there as I have been going over things)

It is a good feeling to see that ones work is progressing, even when the work in question is simple “scut work,” as our beloved combat engineer might term it.   For so very long the list after the vexing break and beginning with “the 101” has been much longer than the list of finished links; or so I thought.  Apparently, it has been of junior length for a long while now, and, all the while, escaping my notice.

In any case, here it is almost finished and I hadn’t even noticed the progress I had been making.  It just seemed like a long, long, task that would never come to an end.

4 responses to “Light at the end of the tunnel!!

  1. Always so good when things are in a nice manageable order. I keep thinking of organizing my page and then…..a moth flies by or a leaf blows or something of that nature. The old fat cat rouses up and investigates and there you go. Organization gets trumped by sudden occurrence.


    • If you ignore it, it will go to sleep and not bother you. That’s what I keep telling myself. I’m getting ready to do an edit and re-do of some parts of the Samurai and the Wren series and repost. Nothing like ripping off bandaids…I love the smell of bandaids ripping off in the morning.

      My friend Jeff, of the series, acted for years as the wall – as in Pyramus and Thisbe for the rare notification of how things were going to each of us. He spent Hanami with Masashi this past spring. I didn’t want to, but I had to call M a couple of months ago to let him know Jeff had committed suicide. It was hard on many levels. It is amazing how someone’s voice stays the same – still soft spoken and full of emotion. And then to put the lid back on it. I am after all, married and love my lad. And it is Argentine, Salon, and Ballroom tangos we do.


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