Astăzi (Ku Sang)

Sunt foarte rău că nu vorbesc limba română. Mai jos este ceea ce Google a tradus, cum este comentariul meu. Sper că acest lucru nu spune “eu mănânc mazăre cu unt de iac pe Marte.”

Today face again one day and not just a day, but the mystery.
Today past, present and future are one
as river water droplets unite heaven
and spring mountain and sea and storm.
I am here, forever linked with the fate tough chain.
I myself am ’bout eternity and I laugh in the face of death.
Do not wait for death to come to me again;
would come anyway. You must lead a pure life
deserves to eternity what I’m given.
So heart all the world to give
because she would abound. I too full! S an empty …

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