Sometimes, it can be…

…a trial, to read that which one does not understand.  And as such, I do not mean “comprehend,” since my comprehension is usually not the issue at hand.  No; for me, this is usually an issue not of failing to comprehending the message itself, but of not understanding the “why” of what I comprehend. Why was it written? Why, if it were an account, did it happen? How did another man come to see such things–to parse the meaning of such things–so differently from the way in which I see them? Why did he? Is he aware of this? Is this view genuine or deliberate? Does the writer realise, or does he not, that there is a better/more productive/more positive/more uplifting/more exalting way in which such events or thoughts may be, and perhaps should be, interpreted?

Still, I think it is particularly interesting, the way in which we often follow almost any blog.  I have mentioned in a post or two, as well as in comments, here and there,  that there are a few such blogs I do not follow.  These, in general, are:

  • Those with no comments permitted–quite often not “real” blogs at all. This is whether I may choose to comment or not.
  • To that I would add those who never take comments out of moderation.  I think perhaps, I’d more likely follow a blog with closed comments–providing that the content makes me happy.  This is because the author is wasting the effort of his readers in so doing.  It is perhaps even more disingenuous–or leastwise, strikes me as such.
  • Also any magazine or aggregation site.  And this, for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is that I just cannot bring myself to do so.
  • Also, awards.  I don’t participate in these on any level, also for a variety of reasons, most of which would bore you to tears, no doubt; but which I have touched upon here and there in the past.

Insults Make Me Happy:

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