Today’s sonnet…

…is another example of one form being turned into another. There is no “old” material involved in this one. The seven haiku correspond to each of seven couplets. This is the sonnet I foreshadowed a few days ago.  This is a self referencing project in that the haiku sequence is the introduction to the sonnet.

Something about the words seemed to indicate a carryover beat in the first and third lines (once I had reformatted the haiku and turned them into blank verse)  Here is the interim result:

One day I wrote a thing I thought was very
beautiful. But when I read it later,
Did not understand. Its very meaning
Hidden from not only me but others.

Though the virtue of a verse is that
Its meaning may completely hidden be.
God seems to like it, almost always, done
That cryptically. He watches all the way

From heaven. But I saw the way he watched
And sung about it, but no one could hear, and
None sang back. No matter how I tried, I
Listened but I never heard a thing.

I read my words again much later; and
I’ve finally, begun to understand.

so I kept that idea present in the first and third lines of each quatrain.  This rather gives a very un-sonnet-like sound, similar to the military couple I wrote.  The difference being that I didn’t go for internal rhymes and used a Shakespearian rhyme scheme.   Both projects were of “new” material and not inspired by any old work or the work of others.

The haiku are plain, non rhyming syllabic ones. On to the subject:  The subject matter here is a bit different than anything in this sonnet project up until now?  Can you tell what it is about? If you can, please do tell Robert Browning, because God already knows.

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