Sonnet: Tropic

If I Could know or see a life completely
Through a man’s word, written; not unduly;
If, they have been blurred, and are not truly
Yet for me, intended.  Nor discreetly,

Read of she, her diary, so sweetly
Not a thread of insight, pathos, nor
A fresh idea, nor hatred even.  More
Of which I name, created more Completely?

Even understand it partly?  I
Think not. Knows my heart Miller when I read
His Tropic wrought; or Baudelaire to plumb
His Fleurs du Mal? We know, nor care not, why;
And whereupon shall words of men know heeding;
Merely learn what we, must needs, become?

2 responses to “Sonnet: Tropic

  1. It was much easier to for me understand in this form, much clearer than your offering of the 4th. So, I suppose your postulation is correct, preserving the true iambic flow is an improvement. For myself I will say that it makes the words easier upon my lips and mind. It is a beautiful piece with a lovely message.

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