Part 5: (free form)







Next you will find the same words as a free-form poem or freeverse not unlike one you might find on any web page.  The form is capricious, only slightly avant-garde, and is chosen to emphasize the words such as they are currently arranged.  This gives us a further clue as to how these words might be arranged in any number of forms.   One thing I found interesting in the following that I do not find in my capricious introduction above, is an actual reason for not capitalising the “i” in “I” (other than to look “all cool ‘n $&*@”) 

Since I decided to use capitals as a rhythmic device, it seemed as though it might be less distracting to not use capitals anywhere else wherein such rhythmic use was not the primary purpose.

3 responses to “Part 5: (free form)

  1. You are skipping! You and 6 year old Kanzen are skipping in the rain. Isn’t it fun? That’s what you are doing here. You and Mrs. E are waltzing in the moon light. Don’t you just love free form? That’s what you are doing here.


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