Sonnet IV: (verbs)

If I…

  1. did not
    describe my heart, how it
    yearns for you, how it
  2. quickens at every
    sight of you, every instant when I first
    hear your voice, if I
  3. did not
    write of how it
    races when you
  4. come near, that it
    skipped when you
  5. have
    touched me, that it
    pounds with the
  6. expectation of your
    touch, every
    beat so hard that it
  7. shakes my body enough for you to
    see, if I
    chose to
  8. keep the secret of its quiet rhythm in the morning when I
    wake, how long I
  9. lain, quietly
    amazed as our hearts
    beat in perfect
  10. synchrony, that I
    wondered how many minutes
  11. pass before their rhythms
    diverged, every word
    withheld as I
  12. lay down my pen and
    lock it
    away with its barren white sheets, if I
  13. swore not to
    describe my heart,
    would it
  14. stop

This sonnet is part of a short sequence; click here to read it all:

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