Sonnet V: (free form)

if i did not

describe my heart
how it yearns for you
how it quickens
at every sight of you
every instant
when i first
hear your voice

if i did not

write of how it races when you come near that it has

skipped when you have touched me
that it Pounds
with the Ex-
of your Touch
every Beat
so Hard
that it Shakes
my Body
for You
to See

if i chose

to keep the secret
of its quiet
in the morning
when i wake
how long
i have lain
as our hearts
in perfect
i wondered
how many
would pass
their rhythms

every word withheld
as i lay down my pen
and lock it away
with its barren white sheets

if i swore

not to describe
my heart
would it
stop beating

This sonnet is part of a short sequence; click here to read it all:

8 responses to “Sonnet V: (free form)

  1. David, your free form is as lovely and moving as your sonnets. I dare not show this to my husband though. He considers you the last bastion of “real” poetry in the civilized world. But I think this is grand. And I so love Falling….I’ve read it quite a few times and catch my breath in awe.


    • Even though this is not exactly a “course” in sonnet writing or analysis, there are intended things to be perhaps gleaned from it. Instead of writing more standard “course”ish material, I thought to throw out a barrage of less typical–or more atypical–ideas relating to the form and its relationship to other types of poetry.

      It is intended to provide some fodder for mind which have some difficulty with more standard presentation; although, to be sure, it may be useful or interesting to others as well.

      I’m glad you found it useful. I confess that the series is not quite done, but I am considering finishing it now that I am reposing it here.

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